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19th C photos

I was much taken with these photos of Fenian prisoners. The photos were taken in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, in1866, a year before the Fenian Uprising. Informers played a major part in the arrests. I selected portraits of Irishmen who had served in the American Civil War. The photos may be viewed and downloaded from the New York Public Library, Larcom Collection here: NYPL LINK
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Commentaries on Ireland

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“…The inhabitants of this island are unrefined, ignorant of all the virtues more than any other people, and totally lacking all sense of duty.”

Like the sound of that? It is a description of inhabitants of Ireland written in or about the 3rd century CE.

How about this instead:

“Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.”

That was Yeats in the 20th C - not Wilde.

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